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Grimeton Radio Station World Heritage Site – communication prior to mobile telephony and the smartphone.

A unique attraction is located in Varberg Municipality, Halland County in Sweden, just an hour from the major city Göteborg and a half hour from the popular Gekås Ullared shopping centre. Here the first wireless communication signals were sent to the US using Morse code and wireless telegraphy technology devised by Swedish-American Ernst Alexanderson. This well-preserved radio station is not a museum in the traditional sense, because the longwave technology developed in the 1920s is still used today. This fact and the enormous impact this station has had on millions resulted UNESCO awarding it world heritage status in 2004. Activities for the general public, including children, are held here year-round.

"The Varberg radio station at Grimeton is an outstanding monument representing the process of development of communication technology in the period following the First World War."

This statement formed part of UNESCO's rationale for giving the Grimeton radio station world heritage status as a place of outstanding universal value. Today, the extent of its impact – including the development of the Internet, smart phones and tablets – is difficult to fathom.

View exhibitions about the past, present and future of communications at our visitor's centre. Our gift shop caters to all ages and our café serves refreshments and local cakes and pastries. The visitor's centre is open daily during summer. Come and experience this cultural treasure that revolutionised communications!